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5 STARS🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

One of the best book that I’ve read so far. Being a Malaysian, I never know what is like to live as a black in America or any other countries. It was great to learn about black people with more details in this book. I do know that there are so many   people esp white mistreated black people and the author describe it really well. I feel so sorry for Khalil bcs he have to deals with a fucked up family and Seven too tbh! I just love how lovely Starr’s parents are.They are so supportive and Staar’s father, Mavrick(?) is so funny.Her uncle is good too. I like the family aspect in this book, they always be there for one another. Its also so heart warming to see when Lisa treated Seven like her own son.Racism against black people and other minorities really need to stop + I HATE HAILEY so much, she is so racist! I really want to punch her in the face Lmao. And CHRIS! aww..he such a sweetheart. He’s a great boyfriend.I also love  all the Harry Potter preferences in this book.I’m happy when Starr finally voice out her opinions.The Hate U Give is totally well written and live up the hype.